Miss Veronica Autism Teaching Video

Autism Video Teaching Series with Miss Veronica

Tuned in to Learning launches a free music and movement video series to teach the concept of emotions.

Learn with Miss Veronica what emotions are all about! Each of these visually compelling and entertaining two-minute video lessons target a different emotion and demonstrate each emotion verbally, through facial expression, body movement, dance, and original music composed by Veronica herself. 

Founded in 2004 by Coast Music Therapy founder Michelle Lazar, and Jeremy Jensen, Tuned in to Learning provides music for special education including books, song recordings, videos, and downloads.  

Miss Veronica’s Emotion Dances were born from a simple idea… that music and movement can help convey emotions in a nonverbal way.  Miss Veronica is a well-loved board certified music therapist, singer-songwriter with The Lovebirds, and integral part of Tuned in to Learning. With her pure heart, musical giftedness, creativity, and wit, she has helped youth with special needs experience joy and success. 

This free autism video teaching series was developed by autism specialist Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, and Veronica May, MT-BC to help teach individuals with autism the challenging concept of emotions. We hope this video can be shared with families in need and put to use in special education classrooms for all to benefit. 

How to Use this Video Series

Sit down with your child, let them choose one of Miss Veronica’s Emotion dances, and see if the second time through they can imitate some of the body movements and facial expressions. After repeated viewing, encourage students to create their own version of each dance along with the music on the video.

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Thanks to Pixel Productions for their outstanding production assistance.

Let us know which emotions you would like to see next, we are working on more dances!

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