Music Therapy Special Education Songs

Music Therapy Special Education Songs

Music Therapy Special Education Curriculum-  Developed by Coast Music Therapy, Tuned in to Learning is a music-based educational curriculum comprised of special education songs, downloads, books, and more for students with autism, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, cerebral palsy, vision impairments, learning disabilities, and other special needs.

Music not only captures students’ attention but is a powerful memory aid and effective way to help organize communication and movement. Watch your students shine as they role play and practice each skill with the added benefit of extended response time, simplified song lyrics, and slower paced instructions!

You’ll find special education songs for hundreds of common Individualized Education Program (IEP) goal areas that can easily be used in both home or school to support educational and developmental progress.  The Tuned in to Learning songs and curriculum is also commonly used during speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, applied behavior analysis, and classroom instruction.  Music therapists and music educators often utilize Tuned in to Learning as a supplement to their lessons and therapy sessions. 

A sample of skills addressed in this curriculum include: number and letter identification, letter sounds, colors, time telling, 1-step instructions, hand-washing, safety signs, emotions, oral motor skills, speech production, motor coordination, prepositions, ‘Wh’ questions, and more.

Because Tuned in to Learning highlights a variety of educational goal areas, the program is versatile for learners at a wide range of ages and diagnoses and can be used in both one to one teaching or group learning environments.

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