Coast Music Therapy San Diego Contact Information

Coast Music Therapy San Diego

Postal Mail PO Box 221016
San Diego, CA 92192–1016
Phone 858 831–0387
Fax 858 777–3626

Coast Music Therapy provides IEP-based services, classroom consultations, and trainings in the educational setting. Looking for after-school programs? Give Amplify Music Therapy a try! Under the direction of former Coast Music Therapist Vanessa Contopulos, Amplify offers adapted music lessons, private music therapy and other clinic-based services in the Mira Mesa San Diego area.

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Teachers and Schools

Coast Music Therapy is the largest California provider of special-education music therapy services to more than 25 San Diego County school districts and more than 800 students through individualized education programs (IEP).  Non-IEP services include student assemblies and student workshops, music-educator inclusion strategy consultations, provision of Tuned in to Learning music curriculum, special-education classroom consultations, and staff-training workshops.

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