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Meet Jonah: March’s Shining Star Student

Congratulations to Jonah, the recipient of Coast Music Therapy’s Shining Star Student award!   

Jonah is a bright young man with a unique sense of humor.  After working with him for about a month we realized he had perfect pitch- the ability to hear a note and know what note that is just by listening to it. Even at his young age, Jonah has composed his own melodies and is continuing to not only learn music, but interact during jam sessions. Jonah is a very bright shining light who we are lucky to see every week.

Shining Star Award

A musical minute with Jonah (with help from Jonah’s amazing Mom Erin)…  

What is Jonah listening to now:

Jonah listens to all kinds of music so it’s really difficult to pinpoint a particular song or genre – his taste in music is really eclectic – anywhere from classical to rock to funk – and we love to see him just soaking it all in like a little musical sponge.

What music makes Jonah happy?

Jonah really enjoys heavily syncopated music – his Dad’s a drummer so Jonah’s understandably exposed to a lot of rhythm in life! He’s a fan of acid jazz, Jurassic 5 and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also knows a few Police tunes by heart and will even sing along when they come on the radio (the chorus of “Sending Out An SOS” is one of his personal faves).

If Jonah had a band he’d call it:

Jonah and the Dominoes (sorry, Clapton!)

What is Jonah’s favorite part about his sessions with Talia and Veronica?

Jonah really adores both Talia and Veronica – their unique styles of interacting with him complement each other very well. He really has a blast throughout their entire sessions (so difficult to pick just one aspect!) but we’d have to say the part of his sessions he enjoys the most is when he gets to engage with them in improvisational jamming. He loves to “echo” tones they play on the various instruments and also when they each make up their own part to a song.


Jonah and Mom- Shining Star Award Proud Moment  

We presented Jonah with a beautiful keepsake from Karin Brown, artist and owner of Something Promised. His Mom Erin with him to share in this special moment.  The plaque reads: Jonah’s love for music is one of a kind, finely tuned ear, agile fingers, quick mind… and a giggle that’s contagious, he’s a star that truly shines!


Jonah- Shining Star Award | Coast Music Therapy


Here’s Jonah with his two music therapists Talia Morales and Veronica May. Way to go Jonah. We look forward to seeing you grow both musically and as the star that you are!


Talia, Jonah, Veronica- Coast Music Therapy Shining Star Award

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