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iPad Apps to Use with Tuned in to Learning Songs

Ever try using visuals from an iPad app along with a song? These great educationally-themed iPad apps to use with Tuned in to Learning songs can help special learners apply and generalize their skills. We get asked a lot, “My child memorized the song, now what do I do?”   

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Back to School Song Video

We Put the Cool in School (minus the H) Veronica May, Coast Music Therapy’s resident songstress and Jeffrey Joe, San Diego balladeer and songwriter help you keep your cool on while you get your school on in this original back to school song video.

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Back to School Music Ideas for the Classroom

It’s that time of the Year Again! Parents crave it, and some students hate it.  Here are some musical listening must-haves to make going back to school enjoyable for you and your children.  Whether you’re a parent or teacher, or therapist, keep calm and carry on with these back to school music ideas …

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