January's Shining Star Grace

Meet Grace: January’s Shining Star Student

Her name, Grace fits this little angel perfectly. She is sweet, tender and full of song.

Every week, Grace comes into the clinic singing a new tune. Moreover, she is able to listen to a song just a few times and have most of it memorized. It is always a joy working with Grace as she imparts her simplicity, sweetness and grace wherever she goes…

Shining Star Award

A musical minute with Grace…  

What Grace is Listening to Now:    Annie; Bon Jovi and more Christmas Music

What Music Makes Grace Happy? Softer music, and songs with words she can understand and repeat. She also loves soft jazz and country western.

If Grace had a Band She’d Call it:  My Band

What is Grace’s favorite part about his sessions with Betsy?  Just knowing she is going to music and see Betsy makes her excited!

Grandma at Coast Music Therapy

Grace with her Grandma

Betsy presented Grace with a beautiful keepsake from Karin Brown, artist and owner of Something Promised. Her devoted grandmother Marti was with her to share in this special moment. The plaque reads:

Sweet, tender, and full of song…you bring GRACE wherever you go.  It is a joy to be a part of your musical journey. From all of us at Coast Music Therapy

Something Promised Keepsake for Grace

Keepsake Designed by Karin Brown

 View Grace’s home run of a performance at the Coast Music Therapy 2012 recital.

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