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Our Music Therapy Songs Are Now On iTunes

Selected music therapy songs from our Tuned in to Learning® curriculum are now available for purchase on iTunes! Each of our tunes was developed with the needs of learners with autism and other disabilities in mind. 

Using the convenience of iTunes you can now download the following songs for use at home, school, or your therapy clinic. Many of our students have their music therapy songs uploaded onto their iPads and iPods for easy access. You can also find the lyrics to each song in The Tuned in to Learning® online store.

These inventive songs were written and recorded by the Coast Music Therapy staff of Board Certified Music Therapists in addition to Director, Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, Autism Specialist and Jeremy Jensen, PsyD, MM, MT-BC, Psychologist. Each song targets a common IEP goal area and gives students a change to actively practice each skill through role play, movement, or answering questions.

Here is a sample of which Tuned in to Learning® songs you can purchase directly from iTunes:

 Tuned in to Learning iTunes - Music Therapy Songs


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